Ninja Arashi Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, No ads) Latest 2021 Version

Ninja Arashi is one of the best adventure games that simulate ninja life. Black Panther develops Ninja Arashi. During this game, you will become Arashi, a legendary ninja. Based on the true realistic ninja character. The game’s theme is that Ninja Arashi is fighting against the devil Orochi Back to take his son back kidnapped by that devil. 

The unique ninja character theme attracts many players worldwide, plus the rich graphics make the game more overwhelming and advanced. You can also say the overall game features make the player’s exploration more fabulous than ever before. You can check the popularity of the game just by seeing its download figures. 

The most important feature that can help while defeating your enemies is the upgradation of your weapons and abilities. For this, you need diamonds and money that you will get by killing your enemies. You will face multiple challenges, a lot of resistance from the enemies that you will not take your son back. 

Arashi is a fearless brave man who will take revenge for his wife’s death at any cost. His sadness and loneliness now become his strength. And he will fight and be ready to kill all his enemies. 

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How to play the ninja arashi mod apk?

Here, in the ninja arashi the player’s primary task is to fight and clean this damaged world and rescue his kidnapped son. By going into some deep of the game, you can see that devil Orochi has many under inferior ninjas to kill the Ninja Arashi. These ninjas will try their best to imitate Arashi, but they will fail right away in their every evil plan. 

The gameplay of the Ninja Arashi is very responsive. Moreover, the controls are so responsive and user-friendly. You will have two arrows on your right-hand side to move left and right in the control interface. On the left side, you have four buttons for different commands. Normally, by using multiple controllers, you can perform many more extra powers than usual. The feature offers you an extra shuriken button that usually use to uncover secret rooms or crates. 

Hence, another option is the Camo button, which seems to be a powerful tool that converts Arashi into another person or in any object. It depends upon the user control plus what he has equipped. Besides all of the above, the sword button has a more significant feature that impacts dash strikes and shattering breakable objects. However, you need to upgrade your skills to become more powerful. You can explore multiple tools that can assist you while playing. The developer is very creative and intelligent. It gives the user a combination of challenges and rewards. 


Key points of the ninja arashi mod:

Variety of Powers:

Ninja Arashi has multiple powers that you can’t even in one-time gameplay. These great powers will help Arashi in the sense of defense from the evil Orochi ninjas. One of its unique and remarkable features is the ability to transform into a lifeless object so that he can hide from his enemies and reattach them at the right time. This feature gives the illusion view where the enemies can’t see the Ninja Arashi and get confused. Moreover, by gearing up, he can easily reach his destination in less time than ever, in just one or even less than one second.


.A range of attacking functions:

Most users recommend upgrading their kenjutsu and the meditations for the best and performance gameplay. However, there are four swords available for the user with a lot of different functions. By using the Kenjutsu function, you can resist the enemies’ damages and reattack with full force at the same time.

Moreover, the Hensojutsu is an invisible function, as we have discussed above in the paragraph. By the use of this function, players can hide and changed any objects. Now, and the third one is the Meditation function. By using this Arashi can maximize his field duration and life. In simple words, meditation makes him strong. And the last one is the Shruikenjutsu function, the deadliest weapon of Ninja Arashi, that kills enemies by throwing the single Shuriken, and the enemy will die at the spot. 


Leveling up in-game:

You can level up the game by finding the scrolls. Players should collect scrolls that are probably hidden in different levels, and your task is to find and gather them to level up. So in each level, you have to search the each missed scroll. 

Unlimited money:

Well, here in the unique latest Ninja Arashi hacked 2022 version will offer the users a lot of exciting features like unlimited money, no ads, all unlocked.


No ads:

You don’t need to worry about slow disturbing ads, and we are providing you with our ninja arashi mod apk ads free. In addition, In this modded version, you will have ads-free gameplay that enhances the beauty of the game.  


Ninja Arashi Mod


Ninja Arashi Mod comes with an impressive graphics design that gives the best UX not similar to Swordigo MOD. The graphics combination is so beautiful with the variety of black colors in the background. The overall elements, enemies, traps, cliffs knife sticking on the walls are colored black. Moreover, the designer gives a mixture of vivid and dynamic colors that gives thrilling views. 

Moreover, the traps are underlined with bloodstains so that you can see them easily. The overall game structure is well designed and gives a fantastic interface to the current and new coming users. 



The sound of the game is well adjusted with the story and the gameplay. In other words, ninja arashi possesses the best quality sound effects. 


What’s new in this apk version:

In our modded version, you will get the best upgrades. However, that would definitely increase positive aspects in your game while playing. You will get the following promotions listed below.

  • Bugs fixes
  • Stage 3 difficulty adjusted
  • In level 5, Stage 2 difficulty fixed.


Download the Ninja Arashi Mod Apk:

Are you looking modded version of the Ninja Arashi? Then, you are at the best place. We are providing you latest version by just tapping on the download button. Now, you don’t need to worry, and our modded version is 100% working and secure from any malware. 

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How to download?

Ninja Arashi Mod Apk is very simple to install on any android device compatible with the game. We made everything very simple for you on our website. However, if you want to download from any third-party sources for the first time, you should follow these steps. 

  • First of all, click on the download button to start the download process.
  • After this, just open your file manager and tap on the file to start the extraction process.
  • Suppose, in case if you are installing the apk first. Your device needs some permission from you. Just go to settings and allow the “Unknown Resouces” for the first time only. 
  • Then, your game installation will start.
  • All done!



Is this modded version is free to download?

Yes, absolutely, it is 100% free to download. Just tap on the download button and get the game on your device in minutes. 

Is the game free of any sort of crashes and glitches?

Yes, we are providing you error-free game without any glitches and errors. 


Final Words:

Ninja Arashi is a popular emerging game with a good rating in public. We are facilitating the people who don’t have access to download the game from the playstore. Here we are providing you our tested modded version of the game free of cost. Suppose you are attracted to a full feature game and don’t have enough time to unlock them. Then, just get the full fletch game upgraded and unlocked game from our website. 

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